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My Friend Has Anger Management Problems
Question: Dr. Raj, A close friend of mine has been seeing...
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Finding the Right Psychologist
Question: Hi Dr. Raj, I’m having a bit of a problem finding...
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How Does One Achieve Self Worth And Purpose?
Question: Toma ask’s:  In response to your bio statement—”I...
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Getting in Physical Relationships at Work
Question: aAshrader writes: I’m a very successful professional...
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Will I Be Schizophrenic?
Question: Hi Dr. Raj, My father was diagnosed Schizophrenic;...
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Taking Xanax When Flying
Question: I hear about people who say they take a “xanax” pill...
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Searching for Love
Question: My parents ignored me when I was growing up, and I...
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Relationships With Women
Question: Stasko writes: I have been in 4 relationships each...
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Teenagers and Antidepressants
Question: Kat writes: My 13 y/o niece was just started on Prozac....
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