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Family Counseling

Unlike other chronic diseases, when one member of the family suffers from addiction, the rest of the family does too. The odds that a person will successfully overcome drug addiction are dramatically enhanced when other members of the family participate in the recovery process. And, even under the best of circumstances, family life can be challenging. Recovery from addiction is an intense experience that puts stress on all members.

For these reasons, our Manage Addiction Program incorporates regular family meetings into our curriculum. This includes a family meeting at the beginning of the Lifeline program, and then once monthly thereafter. Family meetings are led by a trained therapist, familiar with each patient and up-to-date on the current family dynamics.

In addition to providing resources, advice, and support, the purpose of family meetings is to:

  • Help everyone “get on the same page.” This is an opportunity to discuss the curriculum and expand awareness of the factors that contribute to addiction as well as to identify what is productive and unproductive in supporting a loved one through the recovery journey.
  • Understand family dynamics. No family is perfect and even in the same family, everyone brings a unique set of character and personality traits to the equation. The goal of the meeting and discussion is to understand, not to judge.
  • Provide education on addiction and recovery. Family meetings are an ongoing opportunity to update family members on new aspects of the curriculum, to share concerns, and to voice support.

By participating in family meetings, loved ones will gain an understanding of:

  • Addiction as a disease
  • How to help, encourage, and assist recovery without enabling relapse
  • Providing practical support, such as transportation, safe living accommodations, and help finding employment
  • How to get support for themselves
  • Maintain hope in a challenging situation


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