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Back To Your True Self

Our protocol is truly integrative – focusing on the body, mind, & spirit. The Lifeline program includes guidance and inspiration in shifting one’s lifestyle practices for the better and working on one’s inner self.
Recovery Counseling & Coaching

If you are ready and committed to change, our medical team will be with you 24/7 to get you on the road to recovery fast!

You will work with a multidisciplinary staff of addiction, healthcare, and behavioral health professionals who adhere to best practices in substance abuse treatment. And you can participate in a treatment protocol designed expressly for you, in the privacy of your own home via the Manage Addiction Lifeline Mobile App. Our goal is to enable you to live as normal a life as possible while recovering in the real world, so you can get back to the workplace, back to your family, back to relationships that mean so much to you, and back to your true self.

The Manage Addiction Lifeline program is a cost-efficient and comprehensive solution that provides effective and personalized treatment at both the group and individual level. We offer a year-long week program with a tried and tested curriculum and personal empowerment tools specifically designed and developed to treat addiction. This includes:

  • An interactive “Life Map” Journal, for daily journal entries
  • Health Trackers to enter daily with customized progress charts.
  • Study guides and quizzes for each weekly unit, to ensure program comprehension and learning
  • A multimedia library with over 100 articles and videos to educate and inspire
  • On-demand scheduling of weekly telemedicine doctor/patient conferences and in office visits, with alerts and reminders
  • On-demand scheduling of weekly group fellowship video conferences, with alerts and reminders
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